Becoming comfortable in your own skin

It is so hard to love and be comfortable in the skin you're in, when we live in a society where we are 
constantly compared to other people and told how we can improve ourselves. It's a constant battle of 
loving and hating yourself. I've wanted to write about this for so long, but felt like I couldn't since I 
didn't fully feel comfortable in my own skin, but then I realised I most likely never will. 

I'd say I'm comfortable in my skin about 60% of the time. The days where I feel really confident it 
shows through my body and how I present myself, just the same as if I'm having a bad day I hide 
away under baggy clothes. I used to feel most comfortable when I wore the same outfit everyday and 
had every part of me covered, because I didn't want people to judge me for the way I looked. 

Now I feel most confident in lingerie, underwear and when I'm naked. I love my huge thighs and the 
fact that my bum jiggles every time I walk and that my boobs are bigger than they need to be. I get so 
many comments when I post certain photos, because they're not the 'norm', but why can't I show off 
my body and my skin if it's what I'm comfortable with and especially when it's my body.

When I'm at home, and have finished work, I spend most of the time in my underwear and a jumper 
or cardigan. I enjoy sitting around and loving my skin. It's the only body I'm ever going to have and 
although there are plenty of things I want to change and would happily do without any consideration, 
there's no point in comparing yourself to someone else when you are beautiful. The person you are 
comparing yourself to and are jealous of, most likely is insecure in their own body.

I used to hate posting photos of myself because you could see my double chin or my stomach wasn't 
flat enough. But I actually prefer seeing the reality of photos. I enjoy seeing photos with people's 
stomachs in that are untouched and cellulite on full show. It's a daily battle with self confidence and 
feeling comfortable in my own skin, but I really do love my body and I'm proud to say that.



  1. YOu are stunning! I love seeing untouched photos! It's a true representation of how people are x

    Joyce |

  2. It's good to feel confident and to be content with who you are :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. It makes such an impact on you, physically and mentally x

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I've recently put on SO much weight since being in lockdown and I currently have the worst stretch marks on the backs of my legs and I feel so unconfident about it. I've been working out every day and feel like I'm not losing any weight and I just feel 'fat'. Trying to keep positive about my body, thank you for this xx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed reading. We are our own biggest critics, your body is amazing and will continue to do your proud, remember that x