Favourite nude lipsticks

Who doesn't love a good nude? Nude lipstick, right! Every makeup lover needs that perfect nude 
lipstick that you can just shove in your bag and apply without looking. There are many people out 
there that will think all of these lipsticks look the same, but they are all very different. Some have 
more peachy undertones when some are more pink based. I have a compiled a list of my top 5 nude 
lipsticks that range in price and different undertones to suit whatever mood I'm in or look I want. 

Light medium pink with warm undertones

Neutral toned medium pink with a light pearl finish

Warm toned light coral with a semi matte finish

Light pinky mauve with a lip balm texture

Light peachy coral with a sheen finish

There are a lot of qualities that need to come into consideration when finding your perfect nude lip. 
You don't want something too drying but you want something that will last all day. You want 
something that you can apply with a mirror when you're in a rush, but something that still looks like 
you're wearing something on your lips. Out of these top 5 lipsticks, my favourite is the cheapest. Not 
because of the price point but because it is the perfect shade for me. The Sleek true colour lipstick in 
the shade barely there, provides me with the perfect amount of hydration and nourishment so my lips 
don't dry out, whilst being the 'my lips but better' shade everyone wishes to find.

If I am wanting something more pink based then I will always go for MAC kinda sexy matte lipstick
or the Charlotte Tilbury hot lips lipsticks in the shade Kim K.W if I want something that little bit 
lighter. For those no makeup days or days when I don't want to wear anything that I will pop on the 
Rosie for Autograph lip glossy as it feels exactly like a lip balm. MAC crème cup lipstick is my 
second favourite, but my all time favourite lipstick from Mac. It is so creamy and nourishing whilst 
giving you the perfect amount of colour to your lips without overpowering the rest of your makeup.



  1. These are all such beautiful lipsticks!

  2. I need to pick up Kim K.W asap! It's so pretty! x

    Maiya | maiyabellexo.co.uk

  3. I love the Rosie for Autograph make up collection! so pretty x

    1. So gorgeous. I want to try more from the collection x

  4. You just cant beat a bold lippe can you! So many gorgeous picks!

  5. I really want KIM KW from CT, I remember nearly buying it ages ago then thinking it was too pale, but now I fake tan so it would probably be ideal!

    Gemma Louise

    1. It's not as pale on the lips as it looks in the tube, definitely a staple lip stick! I keep meaning to pick up pillow talk too x

  6. Lovey picks! I don't wear a lipstick as such anymore, although I do admire them and can buy one every now and then. I am more inclined to go for tinted balms and sheer washes of colour these days.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. If I'm not wearing a nude then I just stick a lip balm of clear gloss on! Still looks great x