Becoming more sustainable

There are millions of ways that we can all become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, 
especially in 2020. If you are like myself, then it can be slightly overwhelming with all the changes 
we want to make. I always find starting off with the smaller changes can have the biggest differences 
and often ripple to bigger things. I wrote a post last year about 5 ways to reduce your plastic intake
so I wanted to add on to that post and share some of my tips on becoming more sustainable.  

Reusable bags are my number one form of being sustainable. We can and will slip up and forget to 
do things to help the environment, but I always make sure to bring reusable bags with me. There are 
millions of options out there and depending on what I'm doing depends on which I bring with me. If 
I'm going shopping and only picking up a few items then I will use my Carrie Bag*, however if I am 
carrying around heavier items such as my laptop I will use my book lover gifts tote bag*. 

Becoming more sustainable can mean a lot of different things, but in particular I always think about 
reducing the amount of plastic I use. Instead of using plastic water bottles I use a glass bottle from 
Waterdrop* and when it comes to hot drinks I use my friends travel mug. The travel mug can also be 
used when I go to Costa or Starbucks as they will use the cup rather than one of their own to save 
even more wastage. You can also find some really cute designs and express yourselves through your 
reusable cups or glass bottles, as that extra added accessory.

We all know the dangers and consequences that come along with using plastic straws, so a lot of 
restaurants and food chains have switched to using paper straws as they can be recycled. When I'm 
at home I like to use metal straws as they can be washed and used over and over again. I have also 
purchased a retractable straw that I can attach to my keys and use when I am out.

I always have short showers just because I don't see the point in standing in there once you've had a 
wash and done everything you needed to. Having shorter showers helps to reduce your water, heat 
and energy bills. Also by reducing your shower time from 8 minutes to 3 minutes, will save you 22 
litres of water every minute. 

Something I've always been guilty of doing is using transport everywhere. But recently I've started 
walking rather than driving. This benefits you mental and physical health as well as become more 
sustainable for the environment by reducing the amount of fuel used and released. This also gives you 
the opportunity to become more aware of your surroundings and time to relax whilst outside.


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  1. we can all do our bit, these are such good tips! x

  2. This is so good! We can certainly all do our bit!

  3. I love having a tote bag with me along with my normal handbag, it saves having to pay 10p for a reusable one or having to buy a cheap plastic one. They're so handy, I think everyone should have one.
    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Couldn't agree more. You can get some really cute ones too x

  4. I hated the idea of metal straws at first but now I love mine, never have to buy new ones as I just wash them, so much handier and saves money in the long run!

    Gemma Louise

    1. I was exactly the same, hate using anything other x