What I like about myself

Often when you acknowledge your good qualities or things that you like about yourself, you are
labelled as 'big headed' or 'too into yourself'. But why? I want to be able to say I love a certain part of
my body or my personality without people labelling me. Some days I feel really confident and other
days I don't. Some days I love everything about me, and others I can't stand looking in the mirror. I
was inspired to do this post after reading Leah's and Ella's version, and loved the overall message that
they were giving off about focusing on the positive and stop focusing on the negative. This is a really
hard post to write, because for so long I couldn't think of 1 thing that I liked about myself, but it's
about time we start loving who we are, because there's no changing that!

My thoughtfulness
I've always been the kind of person that puts other people first and goes out of the way to make sure
they are happy. If you mention something briefly I will do all that I can do to make that happen or
possible for you. I will make sure that the other person is the happiest and best they've ever been or
felt, before even considering myself. This has known to get me into slight trouble, as I will spend
money I don't have making things possible but also do things for people I barely know and have only
just met. It's more of a blessing than a curse, but a great quality to have.

My kindness

Much like my thoughtfulness, my kindness goes hand in hand with that. Even if you've done
something wrong and hurt me I put the past behind us and will always be kind to you. I've never
understood the need for pettiness and bitterness from people even if you don't like them. The key
is to have basic manners and respect for people whilst being putting you difference aside.

My curves
For so long I envied people who were a size 6 or 8. They were the definition of perfect in my 
mind. But I  never had that and I never was going to have that. Before I got into high school I was
developing curves and my body was changing it ways I didn't know was possible. By the time I got 
to 14/15 I reapplied how much I love my curves. I love that I have a smaller waist and bigger hips
with thighs that are too big. I love finding a dress that hugs every part of my body and accentuates 
it in every way possible. 

My boobs
I've always had big boobs and growing up I loved them just as much as I do now. Yes they can make
buying and wearing clothes awkward and tend to make me look bigger than what I am, but I love
them. It'll be one of the first things people notice about me and one of the first comments about my
appearance that they make. But I just love them.



  1. This is such a thoughtful post, I might just have to join you girls and write a similar one.
    It's good to look at the things you like about yourself as we all spend so much time finding all the negative parts of ourselves.

    Sarah x

    1. It really is. Makes you appreciate yourself more x

  2. aw I loved reading this - you're amazing x

  3. You are a babe, never forget that! xx

    Maiya | maiyabellexo.co.uk

  4. This post is INCREDIBLE!!! I've never been happier to read a post like this!! You go girl!

  5. I love this post so so so much! I always beat myself up with things I hate and never actually thought of anything I like about myself. I feel like if I did this, I may love myself a little more. Plus, your boobies are incredible! xx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. Thank you! We're all guilty of focusing on the negative parts about ourselves rather than the positives x

  6. How have I only just seen this post! I loved it and like you said it's hard but so great when you focus on the positives and not the negatives! LOVED IT xxxx