Perfect Christmas makeup

It's less than 2 weeks until Christmas, and people (mainly me) are going into panic mode. You'll see 
most people in supermarkets getting anything they can off the shelves and hoping for the best when 
they get home, or panic buying everything off Amazon praying something will arrive in time. Me, I 
panic over the day itself. What am I going to wear, who's house are we going to etc. I benefit from a 
routine, so although its a minor issue and definitely not worth panicking over, I still do. That's why 
this blog post has come in handy for me, because it's one less thing to worry about. Plus it's always 
fun to see the different makeup looks people come up with and create, especially at Christmas.

Most people on Christmas will want their makeup to look the best and last all day, so making sure 
you have a good primer is a must. Since I have quite large pores I use the Dermalogica skin perfect 
primer. This fills the pores and gives the illusion of a flawless and smooth base, whilst having a sheer 
tint to it. Once I've got the skin primed and prepped, all ready to go, I apply the Revolution conceal 
and hydrate foundation. This makes the skin look flawless and effortless, but also dewy and 
nourished since it's a hydrating foundation. To cover up my dark circles and any other imprecations 
on my face I use a small amount of the Ex1 delete fluide concealer for that extra coverage.

Achieving a flawless base can be quite tricky, but its so important that when you do, you set it in 
place to make it stay put all day. I like to use the Revolution conceal and fix loose setting powder 
under my eyes as it's finely milled and doesn't look thick under the eye area. For the rest of my face I 
use the Rimmel Insta fix and matte powder, with a big powder brush for a light dusting over my face. 
I like to make sure my base products are set in place, but my skin still look hydrated and dewy.

Contouring makes the biggest difference to my face as it adds that extra bit of definition and 
dimension that your face lost, when you used your foundation. To contour I use The Body Shop 
honey bronzer as it's got an ashy undertone which is perfecter my fair complexion. I then go in with 
the Urban Decay beached bronzer to add some colour and life back into my face, whilst giving the 
appearance that I've been in the sun rather than hidden away in my room. Since it is Christmas I tend 
to opt for a darker yet vibrant blush. The Essence mosaic blush in The Berry Connection is my 
favourite to achieve that. The most important step of doing my makeup is adding highlighter. Since 
it's Christmas I decided to opt for a more glitter based highlighter. The Urban Decay naked 
illuminated highlighter is perfect for that. I will also add a tiny amount of Becca champagne pop 
highlighter to make it pop and sparkle that little bit more, since it is an extra special day.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. So why not make them stand out. I've not long owned 
the Jeffree Star blood sugar palette, and decided that Christmas is the perfect day to try it out. This is 
packed with warm shades ranging from reds and pinks to your more natural brown tones. There are 
an endless amount of looks that you can create with any palette, but especially with this one. I like to 
keep it pretty natural and add some of the red shades to the outer corner to smoke it out and on the 
lower lash line. To top it off I add the L'Oreal telescopic mascara to make my lashes stand out. Other 
than highlighter the most important part of doing my makeup is my brows. Adding definition, shape 
and dimension to your brows not only makes a huge difference to your entire makeup look but they 
also help to shape the face and pull everything together. My favourite brow product is the L'Oreal 
brow pencil and highlighter duo, as you have the ability to have full control of how much pressure 
you have as well as, getting to use the highglihter on the other end to make your brows pop.

Some might think that having red on your eyes means that you can't wear red lip. I'm the opposite. If 
it works for you and you like it then it doesn't matter. I particularly love the Jeffree x Shane velour 
liquid lipstick in; Andrew are your filming? however I know most people didn't manage to get their 
hands on it, MAC's Ruby Woo is a cult classic and favourite amongst thousands. After spending ages, 
possibly hours, doing your makeup, it's key to use a setting spray to make sure it's definitely not 
moving around of coming off your face throughout the day. Since I still want to look dewy and 
hydrated I think the L'Oreal glow mist setting spray is perfect.



  1. These are some really great recommendations! I love the look of the Jeffree Star palette, all of his shades are just so stunning! x

    1. The palette is even more gorgeous is person, if that's even possible x

  2. how good is conceal & hydrate, honestly perfect for winter! x

    1. It's perfection in a bottle, just need to try the concealer now x

  3. Oh I love a classic red lip for Christmas! That palette looks lush, however, I probably wouldn't wear half of them myself but they are gorg!! x

    1. The eyeshadows are a lot more wearable than they look! x

  4. The Dermalogica primer is a game changer, I used a sample whilst on holiday and I couldn't believe the transformation!

    Gemma Louise

  5. Love the look of Ruby Woo, always have but I know I couldn't wear it, it is so drying.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Try applying a little bit of lip balm first wait a few minutes then apply it, or you could use a brush. That might help x