Top 5 Winter essentials

We've been in December for nearly two weeks and its flown by, yet we're still not officially in 
Winter. Winter starts December 22nd, despite how cold it's been lately. Every season I do an 
essentials post, so I wasn't about to give up that tradition. I try to switch up every year, and this 
year I've stripped it back to basics and the cult favourites that we all love and need in our life.

The number one essneitla for winter, and makeup essential is a red lip. There are so many classic red 
shades to go for but my personal favourites are; Jeffree x Shane velour liquid lipstick (Andrew are 
you filming?) and MAC matte lipstick (Ruby Woo). These both are true reds that have the perfect 
undertone to compliment all skin tones and making your teeth look even whiter. Both are super long 
lasting and they both apply evenly across the lips. Making sure you have the right red lip is perfect 
for all year, but especially throughout the winter seasons ... and Christmas.

There is no way that my skin is looking glowy, illuminated or hydrated in anyway during these 
months, which is why having a good highlighter is perfect. There are thousands to choose from but 
the one I recommend for winter and, especially as the party seasons are coming up, is the Urban 
Decay naked illuminated highlighter. This is smooth and soft, doesn't look thick or chunky on the 
skin and has the perfect amount of sheen and glitter to it. I especially love this when its applied over 
the chest, collar bones, down the arms, and even a little on the shoulders.

With it being so cold, a lip treatment is a must have. I apply the Dermalogica nightly lip treatment 
every night and use the Dr Paw Paw clear balm throughout the day to stay nourished. Both are thick 
and nourishing and perfect for keeping your lips hydrated all day. Since using these I haven't had dry 
or cracked lips at all. The Dermalogica lip treatment also helps to reduce the look of fine lines and 
wrinkles around the lip area, and the Dr Paw Paw balm can be used on multiple parts of the body.

Just like keeping your lips hydrated it's important to make sure your body is hydrated and nourished. 
I loving using the Soap and Glory the righteous butter. Most of the people I know in my life, both 
personally and online have either heard or tried this before. Either way they know that the hype 
around this is true. It's so thick that it adds all the nourishment and hydration back into your skin, but 
not so thick that it leaves your skin feeling oily or sticky. This applies smoothly and evenly and has a 
soft light scent that lasts all day with all whilst letting your skin feel silky smooth.

I've talked so much this year about reading and it was so important for me to include a winter read 
into this post. There are millions of books out there to read, but theres something extra special about 
finding that book thats a bit more wintery. This winter I've still got to read  Let it snow (John Green, 
Levithan). These do also have a Christmas theme which is perfect for getting yourself in the mood 
and making you feel more festive. Check out my Goodreads to stay up to date with my reading.



  1. I haven't worn ruby woo in aaaages but it really is the perfect festive red!

    Gemma Louise

  2. I love a Christmas book and used to love John Green as an author so I definitely need to pick this up! Some great recommendations, thank you! x

  3. Let It Snow sounds so good I wanna read that ! x

    1. It's been on my list for years, so it's a must for this year x