Top nail polishes for the last month of summer

I can't believe there is less than 6 weeks left of summer. I am a huge lover of the colder months 
and autumn is my favourite, but summer seems to have flew by this year. It was cold and raining, 
we had about 2 weeks of scorching hot weather and now back to the cold. We never really get hot
weather though, except for the odd heat wave. Something I love doing for each season is changing 
up my routine. From my outfits, to my makeup to my nail polish. I'm a big believe in the smallest
things and changes make the biggest difference. By changing your nail polish colours every seasons,
you get the chance to express yourself more but also be more comfortable.

I love how there are no rules for beauty and we all have the chance to do what we like. I love to
 wear bright and bold nail polishes in the summer and darker, more berry toned shades in the 
autumn. We all have the chance to be ourselves in such small aspects of our lives, which is why
 I wanted to share my top nail polishes for the last month that we have remaining summer, if it 
hasn't already decided to leave!

It is so difficult to find the perfect red. Whether that be in eyeshadow, lipstick or in this case nail 
polish. NailsInc H2GO wash off polish in Mayfair Court is that perfect red for me. It's a true red with 
a natural base that suits my fair complexion. The H2GO wash off polish is designed to wash of after 8 
washes and is also great for children as it is non toxic. I love to wear this when I want to feel slightly 
more done up and fancier than usual. Everyone needs a classic red nail polish in their collection.


I never checked out the nail polish's from Essence until I collaborated with Wilko. They have an
incredible selection of shades and finishes available but obviously my favourite is the Essence the gel 
nail polish in red hot chilli (*gifted*). This is a hot pink shade that I love to wear on my toes. It's the
perfect pink shade without being too warm or cool toned and looking amazing both, on it's own but
also when paired along with multiple glitters and shimmers. I love wearing this year round, but
especially when it gets warmer and I have a chance to show it off more!


Barry M have an incredible range of nail paints and a lot of them also happened to be limited edition
or discontinued. The Barry M coconut infusion nail paint in bikini is no longer sold in Boots or
Superdrug, however it is still available on Amazon, so I recommend checking out their range and
stocking up! I usually gravitate towards the pink shades but this shade won me over. I had to sneak it
back into my collection as my mom stole it from me as she loved it just as much. This is the perfect
ocean mint shade that suits every single skin tone but also works with every outfit! I love how this is
such a simple and basic shade,  yet it makes the biggest difference and everyone I know loves it!


My most recent purchase, current favourite and shade I'm wearing at the moment is the Barry M gelly 
hi shine nail paint in pink grapefruit. Their gelly hi shine nail paints are incredible. They last so long
without chipping and are extremely glossy without having to wear applying a top coat. I want the
entire collection but I thought pink grapefruit would be perfect for the remaining month of summer. I
highly recommend checking out their range of polishes if you are going on holiday or heading out for
a festival. This shade makes your skin tone look incredible and the shade I'm going to be living in.


If you are after something a bit different and more on the fun side then the Barry M molten metal nail 
paint in holographic sunburst and fuchsia kiss is a must. I love the entire molten metal range from
Barry M but these are my favourites. There's something about glitters and metallics that scream
summer. Whether you have that extra something on an accent finger or all over, these are perfect.
Every time I wear one of these shades I constantly get asked what I'm wearing and where to buy it
from. I especially love these because there are no other shades out there like it. Truly one of a kind.


What are you favourite nail polishes for summer?



  1. Barry M do the best nail polishes, I really need to try the ones from essence x

    Joyce |

    1. They're definitely my favourite! I need to try more from Essence x

  2. These are such gorgeous shades, I'm obsessed with pink at the moment, I never have anything else on my nails!

    Gemma Louise

  3. I haven't tried any BArry M polishes before, but I love the look of Pink Grapefruit!

  4. I haven't tried Barry M polishes for ages! These ones look fab x

    Terri // Terri Talks

  5. These colours are perfect for Summer! I love Barry M polishes - pretty much the only ones I use!

  6. those Essence gel style polishes are so good aren't they! x

  7. I'm going to stick with pinks too while I can - then as soon as it is Autumn I'll be going mattes, deep reds and blacks!

    1. I love a deep red in the Autumn, I still like to make sure it has a pinky undertone though! x

  8. You can't go wrong with Barry M, they have so many shades to choose from and I find the original formula to be really good for the price that they cost.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. They're incredible. I could buy all of their shades! x

  9. Love the look of those Barry M Shades! I'm loving OPI for polishes right now, but I'll definitely have to check out some of these brands :)

    1. Haven't tried many from OPI but their shades are amazing! x