Why the #MyMentalHealthAndMe challenge was so important

 At the beginning of June, Leah Higgins created her own monthly Instagram challenge. I was
 initially hesitant because of the pressure to post everyday but since I was in a bit of a slump with 
my Instagram I wanted to give it a go. Out of all the Instagram challenges I've come across, this was
the one I wanted to participate in the most because of the message behind it. I wanted the ability to
spread awareness about mental health using the creativity and passion of something as simple as a
photo posted to Instagram. 

Each day has a prompt to inspire you. They can all be interpreted differently, reflecting different
 parts of your personality or journey. Each prompt determines something different for us that 
we can reflect upon and tell others about. Ranging from the good to the bad. 

I try to keep everything I post online, especially on Instagram, positive. Not because I'm trying to
pretend to be something I'm not but because there is so much negativity in the world and online 
that I don't want to add more. This challenge has given me the chance to talk more honestly about
specific topics such as; my story, imperfections, family, motivation and achievements. 

I've loved seeing other peoples interpretations, but also seeing how creative I can get. I've shared
a more personal side of me on my Instagram than I thought I would. I've posted more than I ever
 have before. I've used each day as a chance to set a new goal. Each day to do something different. 

Despite only sharing something as simple as a photo I've become aware of the impacts 
that they really can have on people. By sharing your own experiences and emotions online 
you can make other people realise that they're not alone and what they're feeling is ok. 

You are not alone.



  1. sounds like such a great challenge. so important to spread awareness! x

  2. Aw this is lovely, I need to follow you on instagram! xx

    Gemma Louise

    1. Thank you! I love your feed so much, so it would mean a lot x

  3. It's a great challenge. No one needs negativity in their lives x

    Lauren | By Lauren May