Why do I still blog?

There are so many times when I question myself, but question why I still blog. I wonder why I 
haven't achieved any of my goals, reached a particular number of followers, why this isn't my job but 
also if I'm good enough to do any of this. most of these questions I've asked myself over the last few 
months. Alongside questioning this I've also found myself lacking in motivation and ideas.

Over the (nearly) 5 years that I've been blogging and writing about literally anything, I've questioned
myself hundreds of times and wondered whether it was all worth it. Should I just delete my blog? But
I've come to realise that it's not worth me giving it or deleting everything.

If I deleted everything, it would all be for nothing. I definitely wouldn't reach the goals I have set, 
or get to have my dream job. Everything would be wasted. That's when I realised I was blogging 
for the wrong reasons instead of the reasons I set out for in the beginning. 

I started blogging nearly 5 years ago. I had just turned 15 and started another blog, after deleting 3 
or 4 previously. I found my passion for anything beauty related and wanted to share it with others. 
I didn't care about the numbers or if brands wanted to work with me, because I enjoyed sharing
content that I created and engaging with a small handful of people that enjoyed them.

Over the years, blogging and social media has become a contest. Both amongst others but also
amongst ourselves. We all put too much pressure on ourselves to be the best that we possibly can, 
but at the same time we are comparing ourselves to others and their achievements, questioning
whether we're actually good enough.

Over the last few weeks I've finally come up with an answer for; 'why do I still blog?'. The answer for
that is YOU. I blog to help others. To give other people a chance to escape, but also a chance to read 
about similar interests as them and find someone to connect to. I blog to help others but also I blog
for me. I do it because I like it and it's something I look forward to but, what makes the whole
experience even better is getting comments and likes from all of you, who truly make it worth while.

Yes I would like to have more followers, more readers, more brands contacting me and this be my
job. If these opportunities ever present themselves, then it would make blogging better. However it
wouldn't be the sole and only reason as to why I blog. That has and always will be YOU.



  1. I love blogging, it makes you talk about the things you want to talk about it x

    Joyce | www.joycelauofficial.com

  2. I don't think it's possible to blog as a job unless you truly love it and do it for the right reasons. I spent 3 years blogging without earning a penny and only started earning because I had a baby and needed the income! There's too much that goes into it to do it unless you're truly passionate x

    Gemma Louise

    1. I totally agree! It definitely shows if you aren't passionate about it x

  3. I think you just gotta write about the things you love at the end of the day! you can tell who's passionate about what they're writing and people will defs read more and more because they love what you're writing!

  4. Loved this post and that's such a cute photo of you!!! x

  5. I think I'm always going to love blogging - it definitely keeps me writing, even when I'm not writing any stories or poetry, so I'm grateful for that!
    I definitely agree with you on this one :)

    1. Me too. Taken me a while to realise how important it is for me x

  6. I loved reading this post - I feel like I've wanted to delete my blog so many times and you're right, you have to remember why you started in the first place x

    1. Thank you! It's so easy to forget and get caught up in everything x

  7. I've been blogging for 6 years this September(I think) aha. I would love to go full time with my blog but with 3 kids it's virtually impossible but I still love blogging as much as I did then, if not more. I think there's so much pressure to blog daily but I've learnt to blog as and when I'm motivated to do so x

    Lauren | By Lauren May

    1. There is definitely too much pressure. I love it more now than I did when I first started x