Top 5 essentials for summer

Another season gone, another starting. Summer is that time of year that makes everyone happy. 
Everyone's filled with joy and laughter, spending their time having a bbq or at a beer garden. I usually 
spend it still indoors, because of who I am, but I do like the vibe that comes from summer. Every year 
since starting my blog I do a seasonal essentials post, and I'm not one for breaking a tradition, so this 
year is no different. Over the years I've learnt the difference between a want and a need for summer, 
and as someone who enjoys hearing what other people love, I wanted to share mine with you again!

Summer book
Out of all the seasons, summer is the time when I the majority of reading gets done. Whether this be
because people have more time off work, the weather is nicer or more holidays are taken. I tend to 
do the majority of my reading throughout the summer because it's what motivates me more. I read a
lot of young adult, contemporary romance books and If you could go anywhere by Paige Toon is no
exception to that. I loved reading this and I will be re-reading it again in the warmer months. The
talk of love and travel made for the perfect summer book. If you're stuck with what to read this
month, I'd definitely recommend picking this up.

Body mist 
The ultimate scent, is defiantly summer fragrances. I make sure I'm covered in perfume head to toe,
everyday no matter what. However I hate bringing giant perfume bottles with me when I'm out and
about (mini or rollerball perfumes aren't always available), so I often find myself packing a body
mist. Usually body mists are only lightly fragranced and they won't last long. Except for the  So...?
fragrance body mists. They are packed with fragrance notes, and have many different scents to
choose from. My favourite for summer is the pink grapefruit scent, which has notes of mango and
passion to create a zesty summer citrus fruit cocktail.

Facial spritz
Even though the weather is very up and down throughout the UK, but it's cold most of the time. This
means that when it gets warmer, a lot of us don't know what to do. My go to item for this is the
B.Vitalised vitamin facial spritz. When its hot out, I hate feeling sticky and sweaty so I always pick
this up. It is a facial spritz, but I like to use it all over my body (obviously not on top of clothes), to
cool down but also have some extra skincare benefits. 

Due to the hot weather, wearing makeup isn't at my top priority. I love to wear makeup and get
creative with the looks that I do, however in the warmer months it's not that easy. I usually opt for no
base and just some bronzer, highlight, mascara, brows and lips. Some days I just wear bronzer alone,
to give me a sun kissed glow. My favourite at the moment is the Maybelline city bronzer. This is
darker than my usual bronzers which is perfect for summer, but it also has a slight amount of
shimmer running throughout to give that JLO glow affect. 

Nude lipstick
Like I just said, wearing makeup in warm weather isn't ideal. For those days when I do wear more
makeup that just bronzer, I make sure to use the MAC matte please me lipstick. I love wearing this
throughout the summer because of the rose toned pink base and how long lasting it is. There's
something that I love about minimal yet glowy makeup with a nude lip, that screams summer for
me. To check out my spring into summer lipstick picks, click here.



  1. got to have a good body spray in the summer haven't you x

  2. I love MAC Please Me. It's one of my favourite nude lipsticks from MAC. Gotta love a refreshing mist too. It's a must in this hot weather x

    Lauren | By Lauren May

    1. I think it's my all time favourite MAC lipsticks and totally a must have! x

  3. I've just invested in a new bronzer, I love having that summer glow! x

    Gemma Louise

    1. I don't know how people don't use a bronzer?! x