Couples game night

Being a huge lover of board games, since getting with Liam I've had more chances and opportunities
to play them rather than begging people around me to play. Over the few years we've been together,
we have collection and acquired quite a few games including; the game of life, trivial pursuit,
pictionary and a bunch of small travel games. After watching Brogantatexo's video where she hosted
a game night with her boyfriend and friends, I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to do that,
but with your partner instead for a cosy and chill night in.

Before you even think about getting any games out and ready, grab all the snacks that you can 
think of. Mainly because if you play quite a few games, or just once round of Monopoly, it can 
go on for hours and most of the time you get so engrossed in the games and the idea of winning, 
that you forget to eat and drink because the time has just flew by

As you do get so engrossed in playing games and the idea of winning, as I said, you also often
 forget to talk and communicate with each other, unless you're screaming at one another because 
you're a are loser! I personally like to add some background noise, whether that be a tv show or 
music, just to cancel out any silence and avoid any awkwardness.

There is truly nothing worse that sitting around for a long period of in jeans or uncomfortable 
clothes. Since it's a game night, I always put on a thick pair of pyjamas, fluffy socks or slippers
and my big dressing gown to make sure I'm as comfy as I can be but also feel relaxed and calm.

If you're having a game day or playing with a couple/other people, then I'd suggest more games
but since it's just 2 people, you can get away with playing more games. I like to choose 1 or 2 
larger games to play like the game of life or scrabble and then the rest be small games such as;
quizzes, tiddly winks and marbles. 

Make the most out of your space. I usually sit at the dining room table since its a large flat space
and you can lay out all the games you want to play. The reason I suggest to lay all of the games
out is because you are most likely to play them all since you've made all that effort by getting 
them all ready and making the most out of all your time since it's a game date night.


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