Why do I have depression?

Something I've talked quite openly about not just in my personal life but also on my blog with my 
battle with mental health and in particular depression. Recently I was talking with some colleagues 
of mine about my past and how far I've come since, but I found myself wondering why do I have 
depression since I know how good my life is. I wanted to do a blog post about this because as 
someone who has battled with this for years, I wanted to talk about how no matter what you life
 looks like and how good it is, depression doesn't come with a face. 

I have a pretty good life. In now way is it buckets of money, holidays every month, wearing suits and 
dresses to events drinking champagne. I am surrounded by family, a good career, a loving boyfriend, 
a roof over my head and food on the table. All of this doesn't mean that I was or am happy. 

Mental health and depression is caused by a series of chemical imbalances in the brain, which means 
that no matter how happy and well your life is you think in a different form. Currently the 10 year 
challenge is all the rage but I thought I'd do a 5 year challenge. Nearly 5 years ago to the day was the 
last time I self harmed. To some that might not be long but I can't believe how much I've over come 
since then. Although I have still had low times and struggled, I'm in a much healthier place. 

The point that I'm trying to make and get across is that no matter how good someones life is 
or looks from the outside, they can still be struggling on the inside. No matter how much they
 know things could change, mental health is a much bigger thing to battle.


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