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The perfect day for me would consider of staying in bed in my pyjamas, watching films, pampering myself and stuffing my face with all the junk food I could possibly eat. I think that how a persons perfect day definitely says a lot about them. The main thing for me is making sure that the area you surround yourself in a comfortable, relaxing and cosy area, whether that be in your room or living room. I'm most comfortable and relaxed when in my room, so I created a cosy area in there. 

Surrounding myself in my bed with a big cushion and fluffy blankets is step 1. I picked a pink velour 
cushion and natural herringbone throw from Wilko, to make sure that my cosy evening got started in 
the right place. If you aren't cosy, comfortable and warm then you most likely won't have a fun or 
relaxing evening. Since the foundation is set, I also like to light a candle for a warm and sensual 
aroma as well as a lovely scent. I chose the green fig and orange blossom scent candle 

For me the best part about a cosy and relaxing evening is getting hot chocolate and food to surround 
yourself with. Something I struggle with finding is a decent sized mug because a lot of the time 
they're either too small or feels like you're drinking out of a soup bowl. This pink waffle style mug is 
the perfect size of the most chocolatey hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. 
I've also been loving popcorn with some haribo sweets mixed in for a sweet treat.

When I have cosy and relaxing days I always think of pampering myself and how to treat myself, 
skin and body. Lately I've been loving the 7th Heaven charcoal peel-off mask, since it cleanses 
my skin and removes any traces of dirt and blackheads from my pores without leaving my skin 
red and irritated. Since it is a pamper night I also want to focus on my nails, and since I also love 
anything pink I'm loving using the Essence gel nail polish in the shade 90, that makes my nails 
look super glossy and last for a lot longer than regular nail polish!


This is a product only AD in partnership with Wilko. See disclaimer page for more information.

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