Jeffree Star beauty killer palette

Jeffree Star. What an incredible brand. Even if you aren't a fan of Jeffree there is no denying that his 
products are incredible and one of a kind. I've never heard a bad review or comment about the quality 
of the products, but I was still yet to purchase anything from them. Recently a Morphe store opened 
in the Bullring in Birmingham and my boyfriend very kindly purchased me my first Jeffree Star 
product; the beauty killer palette. Although this is quite an old palette I still wanted to do a review 
because of how popular the brand is and how incredible the palette is.

The beauty killer palette is named after Jeffree's famous song and was one of the first products to 
launch in the range. Since then he has created an incredible empire including liquid lipsticks, 5 
palettes, lip scrubs, lipsticks, highlighters and much more. 

This is definitely a more adventurous palette and is aimed at anyone who loves makeup. The 10 
shade palette includeds a natural transition shade (Courtney) a classic white (China White), but 
also includes vibrant shades such as a neon pink (Star Power) and even a bright teal (Expensive).

All of these shades are super blendable and insanely pigmented. There are 3 finishes throughout 
this palette; matte, frost and glitter which all look incredible on the eyes. I can't wait to see what 
looks I can create using this palette but especially during the Spring and Summer months. 

  Star Power -  Matte neon pink
Princess - Frosted pearlescent pink
Violence - Frosted deep cranberry
Rich Bitch - Metallic rich gold with a frosted finish
Courtney - Matte terracotta 
Expensive - Electric teal with a glitter finish
Confession - Frosted vibrant red
Vanity - Matte plum with a black undertone
China White - Matte creamy white
Black Rainbow - Intense black with a glitter finish

Buy here for £40.


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