It's ok to not be ok

It's taken me a long time to come to the conclusion that not only is it ok to not be ok, but also 
that not everyone is going to be a super positive person. I used to look another people who are 
super happy and content with themselves, decisions and life and wonder why I wasn't like them. 
Everyone always says; "it's ok to not be ok" and I couldn't agree more, but it's also ok to not be 
super positive and moan a lot of the time. It's not healthy to be just a negative person as it will 
put a darkness on your life but it's also not healthy to be just a positive person because you get 
blind sided to the bad things that are happening in the society and around the world. 

As a society we need to be aware of the negativity in our lives in order to understand and know 
what to do about it in order to change and make a difference. It's also important to not surround 
yourself with just negativity because we will be too afraid to do anything. Personally I'm aware 
of the news and events that are happening around the world but I try to avoid the news on TV as 
much as possible because of the type of person I am, means I worry a lot and wouldn't leave my 
house if I watched it all the time. 

Not all of us are going to be able to wake up at 5.30 in the morning and do yoga and list what we are thankful for. But thats ok if you do that. Personally an early/productive start for me is waking up at 9am. This might be late to some people but it's what I'm ok and comfortable with. We all need to be aware that no 2 people are the same. For example; my boyfriend does 12 hour night shifts 4 days a week and often does overtime, whilst also having type 1 diabetes. He goes to work if he's ill or if his sugars are acting up, and has done for 5 years. However for me I focused on my mental health and have only just started working 20-30 hours a week but come home and find myself crashed in bed by 8.30, because I've pushed myself too hard. I get ill really quickly due to my metal health because I push myself too hard and want to please others. Both types of people are ok. 

There isn't a 'normal' person out there or the 'ideal' routine. The definition of normal is the usual or average activity that is expected, however there are less 'normal people' out there than there is 'non-normal people'. It's ok to not be positive and happy, but it's also ok to not be ok and feel drained and tired all the time. The most important thing to me is knowing you're body and what works for you.


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