Smile with confidence - the perfect pout

I've always been self concious of my smile; am I showing to much teeth, not enough teeth, 
open mouth smile, closed mouth smile - there's a lot. My overthinking aside, I definitely think
 there's a way to get the perfect pout starting with inner confidence but I am partial to some 
high quality products to help us get there quicker. As they say 'a smile says a lot about a person'.

Nobody's teeth are supposed to be whiter than the sun, but we also don't want stained teeth. 
Personally I have super sensitive teeth so I've never fancied going to the dentist and getting my 
teeth professional whitened. Also because it's super expensive. I've found that whitening toothpaste
has helped over the years however for the past few months I've been using the BlanX white stock
treatment. This includes a white shock toothpaste and a light activator. I use the toothpaste daily 
and the light 3 times a week. Since I've been using this I've noticed a definite difference in the brightness of my teeth and I've become more confident within my smile.

It's all good having white teeth but if they're not clean then it has the opposite affect. I make sure 
to use a mouthwash and floss to make my teeth extra sparkly but also to remove any visible texture. After I've done the following steps I notice my teeth look smooth and visibly shinier. 

Now that my teeth are looking whiter and brighter than ever it's important to put as much effort into my lips. I use the Lush bubblegum lip scrub to exfoliate any dead skin from my lips and help them feel smoother, ready for my lipstick. Not only do I exfoliate but I also make sure to hydrate my lips in order to keep them plump and refreshed rather than dry and crusty. Nobody wants dry, flakey lips. 

When I think of the perfect pout and portraying confidence when smiling, I often think of a bright 
bold lip. I love a bold lip, but find myself shying away from wearing them because I'm worried it 
will draw attention to myself and my imperfect smile. When I see people wearing a bold lip I 
automatically think that they are a confident person, even if they're not. A red is perfect year round, 
but since we are know in Autumn a dark berry shade is perfect. Lipsticks with a cooler undertone 
usually tend to make your teeth look whiter and give you the perfect pout that you set after. 


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