Makeup bag updates for Autumn

Every time Autumn comes around I find myself constantly talking about how happy I am that 
the new season is here. I mainly enjoy Autumn for the colder weather and ability to wear more 
jumpers, but my second favourite reason is because I can change my makeup look up; and wear 
more of it. I can swap out my lightweight foundation for a more full coverage base, change my 1 
shadow lid to a blown out smokey look and pop on a bold lip. This time of year is when my 
makeup bag and routine changes the most, but it's definitely needed. 

Swap you tinted moisturiser for a full coverage foundation. I love having a full coverage base 
and during the warmer months, you just don't want that sitting on your face; mainly because it will slide off as soon as your finished. I still make sure that the foundation is hydrating and leaves me looking dewy and refreshed but I also make sure that it has the coverage that I want and desire. 

Use more warm toned eyeshadows and go for a smokier look. In the Summer I wasn't wearing much makeup, especially eyeshadow. It was just an unnecessary step that was going to wear off throughout the day. There are so many warmed toned eyeshadows out there but I'm loving the Jaclyn Hill armed and gorgeous palette but also the Urban Decay naked heat palette, for this time of year.

Make sure to still bronze it up and add that glow. Just because it's Autumn doesn't mean I want 
to be pale. No matter what the season or weather is I always use bronzer. Since I am super pale I have
to be careful with how much I use and what undertone it is, otherwise I tend to look like an umpa
lumpa. I also make sure that I'm highlighted and glowing to the Gods to finish the look off. 

Pop on a darker lip but don't be afraid to be bold.  I love a good nude lip, but during the Autumn I find myself gravitating towards a darker lip. I still keep it neutral and soft but just a darker shade of nude. This season so far I've been gravitating towards the Sophdoesnails x Revolution lipsticks in the shade; cake, fudge and syrup since they are all nudes but have different intensities and undertones.