5 minute makeup

There's nothing worse than waking up 20 minutes before you're supposed to leave the house. It's important in times like this to have nailed you're 5 minute makeup routine otherwise you'll find yourself panicking and rushing around which ends up wasting more time. How you use those 20 minutes can determine whether you look like you've go you're s**t together or a hot mess. 

Organise your items
The night before (even if you plan on being on time) lay out your makeup, sponges and brushes so that when it comes to doing your makeup in the morning you're saving more time than you think. Lay out your makeup in the order that you put it on your face to save time and get ready efficiently. 

Stick with the basics
Keep it simple - base, cheeks, brows and lashes. If you're running late you don't need a smokey eye with thick liner and a bold lip. Stick with the basics and don't over complicate your look. It's better to stick with a makeup look that you know well and do often rather than trying something new. 

Less is always more
When it comes to doing your makeup in a rush we can all go a bit overboard and heavy handed, but its important to stay with a basic makeup look. There's no point in wasting time trying to create an extravagant makeup look that will most likely make you look like you did wake up late. 

Go for multi-use products
If you're running late then chose makeup items that you can use on multiple parts of your face. You can use bronzer on your cheeks and in your crease for definition and you can also use a cream blush on your lips for a natural look. This helps save time, looks natural but also ties everything together. I like to use the MUA pixel blush because it adds colour and highlight to my cheeks all in one. 




  1. Ah I have been needing a new bronzer! That one from Loreal looks like a great option

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    1. It's great; especially if you have fair skin because it's not too orange x