5 Instagrammers I'm loving at the moment

This is not my photo

Instagram is such a weird society and platform to be involved in. You share the best version of yourself with your followers and you control the content that they see. The audience sees you when you have you makeup on and hair done with a caption saying 'woke up like this' rather than the puffy eyes, cracked lips, bed hair reality of it all. Although this is all true, I still love Instagram.

Instagram is a form of expression and a way for creators and users to truly share themselves in a
way that they are comfortable with. For example I am very self conscious of how I look so I rarely share selfies, however I can't go out in public not showing my face. I get to have full control of what
I want people to see, which has its pros and cons.

A lot of bloggers, creators and influencers who are trying to grow a following and grow our
platforms further are unhappy with how the algorithms are with showing the photos to our followers. As a result of this we loose interaction and following. Numbers aren't everything but in this society and industry it's already hard to get the recognition that you deserve, never mind with Instagram
not sharing out pictures. Nevertheless I wanted to share 5 of my favourite accounts at the moment. Not only to share my love and obsession with them but also to share with you how far they've
come since they started their Instagram and where they are now!

Who are you favourite Instagrammers at the moment?
Let me know in a comment below.


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