May favourites

Another month has gone by and we are now half way through the year. Throughout May, I mainly focused on college, which is why blog posts have been very sparse and inconsistent. However I should be finishing college this month, so blog posts will be back up and running. This month I have been loving makeup this month, and have been loving applying my makeup and experimenting with different colours and looks that I used to stay away from.

Maybelline - tattoo brow microblade pen
When I saw the advert for this I was so intrigued and curious to how it would work out. I picked this up less than 1 week ago and have only used it once, which I guess is cheating as this doesn't class as a May favourite, however I am obsessed. This has a microthin tip for precision and adding definition to the brows. This gives your brows the extra shape and definition that they need, but still leaves them looking natural. I can't wait to use this more and make my brows look even better!

Earlier this month I did a post on my first impressions about a selected amount of Revolution Pro products. This month I have been using them more often and have fell in love with the full cover camouflage foundation. I wasn't sure if I would like using it often as it is quite thick, but I was shocked at how lightweight this feels on the face. The first time I used this I used way too much, and ended up with a lot of product left over. When I use this now, I dot the foundation on my face to make sure that I don't waste any product, but still get the coverage that I want.

Loreal - true match powder
I've been obsessed with this powder for such a long time, however this month I ran out and had
to use another powder. It wasn't until I stopped using this that I realised how much I love it and
how much of a difference it makes to my makeup routine. This has a super smooth and velvet
texture, allowing it to sit comfortably on the face without being cakey and clogging up your pores.

Too Faced - 3 in 1 hangover primer and setting spray
Last month I picked up the Too Faced X Beauty Blender collaboration set, and have been using the Too Faced setting spray for 'special occasions' since. The main thing that I look for in a setting spray, is actually how it sprays. This has a powerful spray nozel and covers all of your face without being too harsh or intense. This leaves my makeup looking refreshed and set all day.

Becca - Jaclyn Hill eye shadow palette
A few years ago, Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to create a range of products. Unfortunately at the time these were very hard to get hold of especially in the UK. Upon a random trip to TKMAXX, I found the Jaclyn Hill X Becca 5 shade eye shadow palette. I have been loving using this to finish of my makeup look and give extra drama and definition to the eyes.


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