Products I think are overrated

In the beauty community, there are so many products that are raved about and hyped up that turn out to be pretty rubbish and not worth it. It's not very often that I find product to be overrated, but after looking through my makeup collection I have found 5 products that I think are overrated and not worth the hype. I wanted to make sure that the products I found were a mixture of price and style.

Anastasia Beverly Hills -  dipbrow pomade
I don't have words to describe how much I dislike this product and how overrated I think this is. I picked this up a few years ago and have been holding onto it ever since as I can't seem to declutter it from my collection. I was so excited to try this out for myself, but couldn't have been more disappointed. This was so thick and cake on the brows which made them look like blocks and super intense. If you are wanting a more natural brow then I would not recommend this. As you can see I've used it once and is now all dried out. Not worth the money or the hype around it. 

Becca - shimmering skin perfector (moonstone)
Other than the Anastasia dipbrow pomade, this is definitely one of the most overrated products that
I own. This was the first Becca highlighter that I purchased, and if it wasn't for Jaclyn Hill this
would of been the last Becca highlighter I bought. I was so excited when I bought this but I was
 so disappointed, especially after the hype surrounding it. This is a pale iridescent gold highlighter, that doesn't have much shimmer and doesn't really work as a highlighter. I now have 5 Becca highlighters and this is my least favourite. I haven't tried the Hourglass ambient lightening powders, but this is what I imagine them being similar too.

LA Girl - pro. conceal
The first time I used this I knew it was a product that I wouldn't reach for again. This is such a thick concealer that it's like putting paint on your face. I picked this up because I heard nothing but good things about the coverage, but when it was so thick that I couldn't actually use it. I wasn't only disappointed by the consistency of this but also the colour. I picked up the shade porcelain as I'm always the lightest shade,  but when this arrived it is super yellow and nothing like the swatches.

Loreal - nudist skin tint
The majority of products I think are overrated have been out for a few years, unlike this skin tint which was released only a few months ago. I picked this up after hearing Lydia Elise Millen rave about it and falling in love with the rest of the collection. I was so excited to pick this up and use a product that gave me coverage but felt like a moisturiser on the skin, but I was extremely disappointed when I saw the results on my skin. It was super streaky and was starting to break away in multiple areas around my face, whilst sitting directly on top of my skin and not allowing me to blend other products on top of it. I love the concept of this but the formula definitely needs improving.

BH Cosmetics - Carli Bybel deluxe palette
I love this palette so much, for many different reasons but especially the quality. Despite this I do think this palette is overrated for what it is, due to only being made by a Youtube influencer. This
is actually the second palette that Carli has created with BH Cosmetics, but is also the new and improved palette. The reason I think this palette is overrated is because all of the shades are the
same, and have the same pink undertone, which makes this a very limited palette for people to use. Check out my more in depth review here.


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