Glow all out

No matter what time of year it is, I always like to look radiant. I've loved makeup since I was 
about 11-12, which has helped me find products that suit me and my skin. I have compiled a list 
of my top 6 products to give me that all out glow. How intense you want your glow to be is
 down to you, however I believe the more glow the better!

All of these products allow me to get an intense and radiant glow to my face
 and body, whilst still look natural and myself.

Applied over the arms, legs and chest for a bronzed summer shimmer. 

This can be used alone or underneath makeup for a natural radiant glow.

The perfect base to add a luminous, natural, dewy radiance to the skin.

Adds coverage and evens out the skin, whilst giving the skin a dewy finish.

Used on the cheeks to add colour as well as a natural iridescence.

The perfect product to achieve that super intense glow on the face and body.



  1. I love it. It's a shame is was part of a limited edition collection. Don't know if they're still being sold or if there's one similar x