Facial sprays

Facial sprays are perfect to use in the summer to cool down, or any time of the year when you want 
to feel refreshed. Within the past few weeks I have became obsessed with finding new facial sprays that not only refresh my skin but are also beneficial. I love to carry a spritz in my bag to refresh 
my skin throughout the day without disrupting my makeup. 

Instantly soothes your skin, with visible calming results in 4 weeks. This has 
extracts of camomile and hyaluronic acid to target visible signs of stress.

This toning mist is enriched with vitamin e and aloe vera, which acts as an antioxidant 
and hydrates the skin, whilst shielding against ageing, damage and premature skin. 

Replenishes the skin and locks in moisture for 12 hours without settling into your 
pores. This boots the skins natural radiance and soothes and relaxes the skin. 

An instant refreshed pick-me-up for the skin that instantly energies and boosts radiance 
on the skin with it's caffeine extract, vitamin c and cucumber juice. 

Antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial to clean out the skin and reduce spots, leaving the skin feeling clear and refreshed. Rich in vitamins to help work as a cleaner and remove makeup.

Lush's most refreshing toner, that is enriched with carrageenan, seaweed extract and rose 
absolute to balance and tone the skin. Helps to reduce redness on the skin.

The B. and Lush facial spritz are my favourite as I have noticed visible results when using them,
 as well as having a smooth spritz pump to use. The Superdrug calm skin de-stress facial spritz, is
 my least favourite out of all, as it has a harsher and more intense spritzer making it more abrupt when using on the skin. Overall I would recommend all of these facial sprays as they refresh 
and hydrate the skin whilst acting as a toner to remove makeup. 



  1. I've heard so may good things are the Superdrug Vitamin Facial Spritz! I think i need to pink one up.


    1. You definitely should. A good product to keep in your handbag for the Summer x