March favourites

OMG I can't believe that we are already 1/3 of the way into the year. I know it's only April but in another 4 months time we'll be in August and about to enter Autumn. Last month was filled with birthdays. First it was my Grandads, then my dads, my boyfriends 21st and my 19th. To say March was a busy month, is a slight understatement. I also tried quite a few new products in March, as so many brands have added new ranges and came out with a bunch of new products.

This palette has been my ultimate obsession this month. Every time I do my makeup,  I make sure to top it off using the shades from this palette. This palette has 4 luminous shades that blend softly onto the skin leaving your cheeks looking elegantly illuminated. I like to use these over the top of other highlighters to make them truly pop, on the cheeks.

For the past few months I have been trying to find the perfect peach blush for my skin. Once I saw that Loreal came out with a peach blush that actually spelt like peach I knew I had to pick it up. This blush has been my go to for the month of March, and love the soft glowy affect it gives to my cheeks. This is the perfect blush for Spring time and I can't wait to wear it more often. 

Bootsare always offering deals such as 3 for 2, so when they had an offer on recently I picked up the Loreal telescopic mascara after hearing people rave about it for years, and never picking it up. Since so many people love this mascara I had pretty high expectations. This month I have been loving to wear this over the top of my paradise lash primer, for a defined and voluminous look. As this has a small, thin wand it helps to coat the hard to reaches lashes, especially on your bottom lash line. 

I've only tried 1 other stick foundation, (Loreal infallible stick foundation review) and I wasn't a fan of it at all. When I saw that Makeup Revolution had released their own stick foundation, I decided to give it a go, especially after hearing many good reviews. I used this for the first time on my birthday and have used it in my makeup routine ever since. It is lightweight and easy to apply, whilst blending easily and still giving a full coverage base. I also love this because you aren't wasting any product as it is in a stick, rather than a bottle. I am so obsessed with this foundation at the minute. 

At Christmas Real Techniques released a few ornament style mini makeup brushes. In my local Boots they are still on sale, as well as online, so I picked up the mini multitask brush when at the checkout. The multitask brush is described as being perfect for applying and blending out powders. I use this to blend out my blush and bronzer, to even out harsh edges and make everything look more natural.