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This time of year is all about birthdays for me, especially for March. No matter who's birthday it is I always struggle with ideas of what to get people. I always end up looking up ideas and get stuck in a cycle of the same items. I wanted to do a blog post on my top 5 ideas of birthday gifts for men. 

The main thing to keep in mind when shopping for gifts is the person themselves
and their personality. Personal and meaningful gifts are best received.

Love Book
I saw this advertised on Facebook many times and decided to check it out and was incredibly surprised with all the options they had available. This is completely customisable from freckles to the shape of your glasses. After you've created yourself and the receiver, you choose your relation to them (partner, friend, child etc.) and what you want the book to be based on, ranging from love to apologies. You then create the inside of the book and design it based upon the receive. I designed a love book for Liam and it was one of his favourite birthday gifts.

Acre of the moon
After searching for experience days I came across an acre of the moon. I loved the idea of this as
 it's super unique and unexpected. This is a legal document and you get the certificate of authenticity, which can then be put into a frame to display. It's not a present you can use or visit, but it is cool
 to say that you own an acre of the moon.

Star Wars prints
Surely it can't just be my boyfriend who is obsessed with Star Wars. Since they are releasing new movies to the franchise, more and more people are becoming obsessed with the films. This means they is Star Wars merchandise everywhere. Unless you are buying for a young child I would recommend choosing something more tasteful and unique; such as prints and posters. I found a
set of 4 on Easy that adds a spin on the classic Star Wars memorabilia.

Personalised mini lego figureine
Out of all of these ideas, this has got to be my favourite. At some point in everyone's life we've wanted to have a personalised doll, action figure or toy of ourselves. When I've looked into these, they can be extremely expensive. I love the idea that Lego have released personalised mini figures that are range from only £14.99 - £19.99, cutting the cost down but still personal and creative.

Playstation's and Xbox's are everyone's favourites. Both my boyfriend and dad love the game
console and is keen to see what games are released. If you are looking to spend a bit more money,
and treat the birthday man then I would highly recommend the Playstation Vr. There are games
that go along with this to present a real life experience like no other. 


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