Best of 2017

I swear every year goes by even quicker than the last. If feels like only last month I was writing 
about my favourites for 2016, but in fact that was a year ago. Monthly or yearly favourites are 
never my go to post to read or watch, I love writing about what I'm into currently. This year I 
have decided to do 17 favourites for the year of 2017 ... fitting right! 

During the Summer I went on a palette binge, and bought more than what I'd like to admit. One of my favourite and most loved palette that I bought was the Shaaanxo x BH Cosmetics palette. This comes is double sided, which includes 9 eyeshadows and 9 lip paints. I've never used the lip paints but the eyeshadows have quickly become my favourite. The shadows are super buttery and blendable whilst also looking incredible on the eyes. For a full review on this palette click here.

Since I have blonde hair I find it quite hard to find a brow pencil that works for me. I don't know when I purchased this brow pencil, but I do know that this is my 3rd pencil. The brown/brunette shade is a perfect match for my hair, whilst adding extra definition and giving a fuller appearance. 

I honestly can't rave about this palette enough. I have been a fan of Jaclyn Hill for a few years 
now and have tried the ever so famous Becca champagne pop highlighter, so when she announced
 her collaboration with Morphe it was an obvious purchase. I was lucky enough to get my hands 
on this upon the first release. The palette has an incredible range of shadows that have the most incredible formula that I have tried. This is a palette that I use any time I where eyeshadow. For 
a full review on this palette click here. 

A lot of my time shopping is spent browsing all the different makeup and what's new in the beauty world. In a bit of a hurry to complete the 3 for 2 offer available, I picked up the Maybelline superstay foundation. I didn't have high hopes as I never heard anybody talk about it and thought it would be like any other foundation. Since I have tried and fell in love it, I have seen everyone rave about this foundation. This has a full coverage finish that feels light weight on the skin without looking cakey.

Primers are something that I use every time I do my makeup, but never notice much of a difference with. However as soon as I tried the Max Factor infinity primer I noticed an immediate difference
in my makeup. This primer has a silicone feel which gives the face a sticky feeling that then works
as an adhesive when applying foundation. This also leaves your skin feeling moisturised and
glowy whilst making your makeup last longer.

In the last few years tinted brow gels have become more popular with brands launching their own. The Maybelline brow drama was one of the first tinted brow gels that I remember using. Didn't
get along with this at first and didn't understand the point in using it. It wasn't until this year where
 I really got into and started using it everyday. This adds the perfect amount of definition to your brows without looking too overpowering.

The Loreal lumi magique is a very loved primer by many, including myself. A lot of time I want a glowy base that is easy to achieve, which this primer does but whilst adding lasting power to your makeup. This adds just the right amount of glow without being too intense for a primer.

Loreal often release new collaborations with brands or celebrities. One of my favourite collaborations that Loreal did, was with celebrities such as J'LO, Eva and Juilanne. After having a lipstick in
my collection for a while, I decided to try J'LO's nude. It is the perfect sheer, glossy nude that is
the true definition of 'my lips but better'.

If you are looking for a full coverage creamy concealer that is affordable, then the Collection cosmetics lasting perfection concealer is for you. This gives the perfect amount of coverage,
without being too cakey whilst also lasting for over 16 hours. Not just a favourite of 2017,
but a favourite of all time.

I can't ever remember doing my makeup without using the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge, which just shows how much I love it. This can be used both dry and damp, but I choose to use it damp as it applies products the best in my opinion. I have gone through so many of these, and love them so much that I have other sponges from them as well as a lot of backups.

Makeup cleansers and removers are never something I was into, but when my mom gave me her Liz Earle cleanse and polish I quickly realised that I should start taking a bit more care of my skin. I loved the Liz Earle cleanse and polish but it was a bit more than what I wanted to spend on a skincare item. I decided to try the NSPA oil cleanser that you can purchase from Asda for only £6, since I've heard great things about oil cleansers and the wonders they do for the skin. The oil helps to break down the makeup and dirt on the skin without being too drying on the skin.

After hearing people talk about the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for so long, I finally decided to pick it up earlier this year. I didn't really know what to expect but I decided to give it a go anyway. There are many different ways to use this as it is an all-purpose product. My favourite way of using this is as a lip balm, because it helps to hydrate and nourish the lips leaving them moisturised. 

In the boxing day sales last year I purchased the whole glam lot gift set from Soap and Glory. 
Inside the gift set was the speed plump moisturiser. Upon trying this I knew it would become a favourite. This is a light weight moisturiser that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed 
as it contains Shea butter. I love that has immediate results that are visible on the skin, so you 
can truly notice a difference in your skin. 

A simple concept but a product that nobody came up with until 2013. The thing I hate about body lotions is how thick and greasy they feel on the skin. Since this is in a spray it distributes the perfect amount of product, which sinks into the skin quickly leaving them feeling super hydrated.

Earlier this year I received the so...? watermelon fragrance body mist in a subscription box 
and was desperate to get my hands on the other scents. Since then I have purchased all of the fragrances that they have available. Not only do I love these because they are affordable and 
easy to throw in your bag, but they also have an incredible range of unique scents. 

Tangle Teezers have been a favourite of mine for a few years now, so you could imagine my 
excitement when I saw that they did a collaboration with Skinny Dip. This originally caught my eye
because of the bright flamingo print. As strange as it sounds I've used this tangle teezer more because of the bold and unique design. I also love how it is such a simple design more is super effective.

I feel wise beyond my years when I say that having an Oral B electric toothbrush has become 
a favourite. This sounds like such simple unnecessary product but leaves your teeth feeling 
smoother and cleaner than ever. They have different brush heads available for every persons
 needs, making it easy to find the one that suits you.

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018.


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