Dream Christmas - Blogmas day 12

This photo is not mine

No matter how much we all love Christmas, the holiday season and how we get to spend time with our family, we all still have that part of us that wishes for our dream Christmas to come true. I know I do. When I watch Christmas films and see that they are all living my dream, I get jealous. Don't we all? Or is that just me? Anyway, because we are already halfway through blogmas and I love Christmas, what better than to share what my ultimate dream Christmas and holiday season would be.

When I think about my dream Christmas, the first thing I picture is being in a big house in the living room with the fire on, whilst being surrounding by my husband and kids on Christmas morning opening our presents. Then we would have all of our family round for Christmas dinner. To me, this is the best part of Christmas. Not opening your presents and seeing what you go, but instead spending time with your family at this time of year. Even if you're not religious, the meaning of Christmas still comes back down to family and being with loved ones.

As it's obviously December, I would like to hope that it is a white Christmas. Not just with a thin layer of snow that melts away before you get a chance to go out, but instead a thick layer of snow so you can have snowball fights, make snow angles and snowmen. To then once you're done outside your freezing cold, but the Christmas Day dinner warms you all up.

My dream Christmas would also include matching pyjamas and jumpers. Me, my husband and my kids would have matching outfits that we could take photos in to use as our thank you cards.

In reality this is probably never going to happen, especially all in one year! Although this is my dream Christmas, my ultimate dream is to be happy and surrounding with loved one during the holiday seasons. To spread joy, cheer and laugher amongst us all.

This photo is not mine

What is your dream Christmas?
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