What's going on in my life right now?

To be completely honest I have no idea where this post is going or what it's about in particular. 
I speak a lot about personal issues and experiences but I never talk about what is happening in my life right in the moment. I decided I wanted to change that because I like to this of my blog as not only a place to escape and connect with others but also as a diary of things I love. 

So...where to start? I went back to college and my work placement in September, where I started my level 3 qualification in connection with children. This year is definitely going to be a challenge, as the current unit I am on is going to take up to at least Christmas (I think). I have definitely noticed a big difference with course work this year, but afterwards more opportunities will present themselves. 

Since going back to college my mom had major surgery on her back to remove part of her disk, then 5 weeks later (8 days ago when uploading this) she had the same surgery. So needless to say I have been quite busy and I suspect that my abs will come out soon, with all the running around I've been doing! Unfortunately the same problem can happen again, meaning more surgery. 

Me and Liam also celebrated our 1 year anniversary back in July, so by now we've been together for nearly 18 months. I never pictured connecting with someone else on the level that me and Liam have whilst also finding someone who understands me so much. I am so happy that I get to be with my best friend, but enough about my cringe worthy relationship. 

Christmas is coming. At the minute I have the a good majority of my presents sorted and bought, the rest I don't have a clue about. I am excited for Christmas but I just can't believe how fast it's come around. Speaking of Christmas, the main thing that is happening next month, BLOGMAS is next month. I don't do YouTube videos so I decided that this year I wanted to try Blogmas and give it a go. If you don't know what I am on about or have never heard about this then, Blogmas is where you post or upload every day from December 1st to December 24th. I haven't yet started writing for next month, but there is a lot of great content planned so make sure you stay tuned.

Other than the following, nothing has been happening in my life. I spend my days at college, work placement or catching up on general life tasks. I tend to live a pretty dull life.

What's going on in your life right now?
Let me know in a comment down below.


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