Makeup revolution liquid highlighters

Highlighters...highlighters...highlighters! I cannot count the amount of highlighting products I
 have reviewed lately, so why not add another! A lot of the time even when I don't have any money
to spend I still like to browse the online shops. I was on TamBeauty looking at Makeup Revolution when I found that they had released 7 liquid highlighters, that resembled the Cover FX and Iconic highlighters, expect for the price difference. When I finally I had some money spare I decided
 not only to pick up 1 shade, but to pick up all 7!

Makeup Revolution is both loved and hated for their products being dupes of high end items. Some think it is a great way to try out similar products for less, but others think it is a form of copying. I don't have an opinion just as long as the products are good. The shade range is mainly bronze and gold based, minus the exception of unicorn elixir!

 These have a velvety smooth formula that glides perfectly onto the skin making them easy to apply and blend. Before using I would recommend to shake the bottle, to make sure it hasn't separated and been watered down. Each shade is incredibly pigmented and all have the same colour intensity. However I was disappointed with the shade Unicorn Elixir,as it doesn't have great pigmentation and is very watery in comparison to the other shades. 

Overall I would highly recommend these to anybody looking for affordable liquid highlighters,
with a smooth formula that will work on all skin types. These can be found on TamBeauty
or Superdrug for only £6 each.


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