Summer bag essentials

It might be me being nosey or the blogger in me, but I love seeing what people keep in their
 bags. Whether that be a travel carry on bag, a small clutch bag or their day to day bag. As I love knowing what other people keep in their bags I thought I should share with you what I am
keeping in my summer bag this year.

The main and biggest thing in my bag is a book. I try to keep one on me at all times as I am
a bookworm at heart, but I need to get into reading more. At the minute I am reading Wilde like
 me by Louise Pentland which I also featured in my summer reading list post. This does take up
the majority of the room in my bag, but you never know when there is an opportunity to read.
Speaking of books, I have a mini notepad on me as I am that person who thinks of an idea in the
middle of the day or something really important that I have to remember, but doesn't have
anywhere to write it down to come back to later on.

During summer I like to make sure I have all of my essentials on me, because of the British heat.
2 things that I make sure to have with me is a body spray and deodorant, mainly because I have
a fear of smelling. My favourite body spray is from so...? fragrance and is in the scent pink grapefruit. This is a fruity, fresh scent that isn't heavy and is very much a summer scent.

I tend to get a lot of headaches and pains so I have a tin from Paperchase that is full of ibuprofen
and paracetamol. This is also handy, as a lot of other people need tablets too. Hair bobbles, hair
grips and a tangle teezer/brush is a must in the Summer heat. I have hair down to my hips which means that the back of my neck gets very hot, so I find any excuse to get my hair of my neck and face. A lot of the time when this happens I'm out in public and can't see what I'm doing so I like to keep a compact mirror on me for those annoying situations.

When I think of Summer I think of music, which is one of the main reasons I keep headphones
with me. Keeping headphones on you is also an anxiety savior, as if you are alone or feel
uncomfortable in a situation you can use your headphones as a distraction and coping method.

Summer is a time where people tend to spend more time outside, which results in a lot of ice
creams, fizzy drinks and various other things being spilled, dropped and wiped everywhere. I'm
not a major germaphobe but I make sure to have hand sanitizer and hand lotion on me, to avoid that
sticky and dirty feeling that comes along with some of Summers most joyous memories.


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