Summer flowers

If any of you guys reading this are like me then you wont enjoy wearing anything but jeans in the summer. Yes, you heard that right. 99% of the time no matter what the weather I will be jeans. I am fully aware that it is crazy and makes no sense, but if I only enjoy wearing shorts, skirts or dresses when I am on holiday. So this had let to me struggling to find outfits that I like. Until this year.

When shopping in New Look I found a slightly cropped white top with a floral embroidered
pattern on the front. My dad likes to say this looks like a table cloth but it is one of my favourite
items in my wardrobe. I picked this up because it is light and airy which makes it great in the heat.

I also picked up a baby pink faux leather jacket that completes any outfit, but also adds an
 extra layer for those chilly days that we unfortunetly get in the UK.  

My favourite jeans are also from New Look as they are affordable, high wasted and
don't loose their colour when you put them through the washing machine. 

My shoes are, once again, from New Look which I picked up 1-2 years ago. These are a baby
pink faux snake skin skater shoe that go with any outfit and are very comfortable to wear.

I like to pair this outfit with a neutral fresh makeup look that is appropriate for
this time of year but also makes me feel confident.



  1. I literally live in my jeans and i will be this summer too!