10 things to keep at your significant others house

When you get into a serious relationship you stop packing so much for the weekend away at their house as the necessities you need are most likely already there. The only thing I tend to bring now when I stop at Liam's are my clothes, planner and underwear as everything else is at his house. If you are in a relationship and you stop at your partners house often, it might be time to start keeping some things there. For this I have compiled a list of the top 10 things to keep at your partners house.

The main things to keep at your boyfriends or girlfriends house is hygiene products such as; deodorant, dry shampoo, shower gel etc. Not only is this good because you don't have to transport
 it from your house to theirs every week, but also because if you fall asleep suddenly or decide to crash there, then you can freshen yourself up in the morning without having to go home in
yesterdays clothes without having a shower.

Dry shampoo
Makeup wipes
Shower gel
Spare pair of underwear
Sanitary products

Is there anything that I forgot to mention?
If so leave a comment down below.


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