May Betty Box

Periods ... we all hate them. Well mainly women, but I guess men hate them too. When it comes to that time of the month, none of it is fun. The cramps, cravings, mood swings and the bloating. One
of the worst parts about periods, other than the period itself, is how expensive tampons and sanitary towels are. Periods aren't a choice so why aren't they free? Anyway .. if there is fa chance for me
to get a subscription box with sanitary towels or tampons, a cute pouch and goodies for myself
then I am obviously going to jump on the chance. Check out my full review here.

This months Betty Box came with a wider variety of beauty products rather than makeup,
compared to last months box. This months box contains 9 products ranging from snacks, nails
and hair to suit a  range of different women. May's Betty Box contains; 

NPW nail art gel nail wraps - peacock - £2.99


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