Instagram Ready Phone Cases

These are not my photos

Instagram gives the appearance of a picture perfect life in every aspect. Fashion, everyday life, relationships, holidays, makeup, family etc. The thing with Instagram is it lets us show what we want the world to see. We get to filter our lives. The good thing about Instagram is that it lets us into a world of new trends such as; the silisponge (silicone makeup sponge) or everything being marble. 

One of my favourite accessories is my phone case. You can change them out to suit your outfit or match your personally. I love to browse Etsy and have a look at the unique phone cases that people are creating and selling on there, so when I stumbled across RockSteadyCases I was intreaged. I was even more intreaged when I found a candy themed marble iPhone case!

When I saw these,the first thing that came to my head was Instagram. Yes I'm aware of how weird this sounds but it just screamed at me as something I would see on the 'popular page' of Instagram. Immediately I knew I had to purchase it and share the online store with all of you guys. 

These range from £10.99 - £13.99 and look identical to the photos online. I have been loving marble but didn't want to go for a case that is grey and white, but instead more colourful and funky but still represents me. I thought the pink and purple themed marble candy case would suit me best as not only is it still showing the marble but also because it reminds me of crystals which I love!

If you are in need of a new phone case or just want to check out his store, I would 100% recommend you go over and have a look. If you purchase one let me know what you think and which case you decided to buy, in the comments below or on my Twitter - @leamaicarter.


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