What I Got For My 18th Birthday

My all time favourite videos to watch and blog posts to read are; 'What I got for Christmas' or
'What I got for my birthday'. I've done these previously so as it was my 18th birthday it was even more special. Since I love seeing what other people got, I wanted to share with you guys what I
got for my birthday. However I just wanted to say in no way am I showing off or bragging about
what I got. I was kindly gifted all of these by my friends and family.

So when I woke up I was surprised with big 18 balloons, banners and decorations. I've never had a birthday that has been above and beyond, but this year proved differently. When Liam came round he surprised me with some pink roses, and my mom and nan got some flowers delivered to my house for me as that's always been a dream of mine! When I arrived for my meal on Saturday there was this beautiful cake waiting for me, that is the perfect mixture of my personality and elegance! 

The day before my birthday I go surprised with a Pandora gift card, chocolates, a card and a book
 full of the children's drawings when I went to work. I much prefer personalised and sentimental
gifts, so this will hold a special place in my heart. Obviously as I turned 18 I got a bottle of
rose, unfortunately it didn't taste nice at all but it did look pretty!

I am aware that I get spoiled a lot and that I always have but this birthday really made me 
realise how lucky I am for everyone in my life.I didn't want to share everything I got for my
birthday, so instead I chose some at random to include and share with you. I got a lot of money
from people but I received some lovely gifts. My nan got me a bunch of presents that were all unicorn themed as well as 18 birthday cards! I got the hearts of Pandora ring and March birthstone earrings from my Uncle and Auntie. Liam bought me a weekend travel bag from River Island
and some Adidas Stan Smith trainers with the mermaid holographic on the back. I got some pink converse from his parents. But 2 of my favourite gifts were from my parents. My dad made me a
key with 18 roman numerals and my birthday engraved into it at work, and my mom had a book customised about my life and fun interesting facts.

Thank you to any friends and family whom are reading this,
and for making my 18th birthday so special.


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