The Hair Product That Actually Works

Out of every single hair product I have ever used, I don't think I have found one that truly lives up 
to what it claims to do. Yes shampoos wash your hair and conditioners add moisture, but claiming 
for them to repair 2 years worth of damage or help your hair to grow isn't very realistic. This is 
why when I opened my beauty advent calendar to see the Philip Kingsley elasticizer, I was quite reluctant to try it out. Despite hearing good things about this product, I didn't want to get my hopes up in case it didn't live up to its claims. However I went away and tried it anyway. 

This is said to add moisture and strengthen the hair to reduce breakages. This also adds elasticity and helps to keep the hair more managed. I believe that the main reason I like this treatment so much is because you use it on wet hair but before you shampoo, work it in and leave it to sit on your hair and soak in. This helps for it to lock into your hair rather than washing it off immediately. 

I had the 75ml size which is around £17, but I got mine in my advent calendar. This can also be found in a range of different sizes which suit your hair and the amount you are willing to spend. As I have a lot of thin hair that is quite long, I only managed to get 2 uses out of this tube. Even though I only got to use this twice, it was the best that my hair has ever felt. As it is so long, it tends to get knotty and tangled easily, but after using this is left my hair feeling super silky which avoided any messiness.

This will help improve anyone's hair type and length but if you have long, thin, dry or 
damaged hair I would 100% recommend you to try this out. 


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