Valentines Date Ideas

Valentines day is the day during the year that you not only show your love for others but you also celebrate the love you have for one another. This day out of the year is mainly about celebrating the love for your partner and the one you want to spend your life with. You wouldn't necessarily go on dates with your parents, but it is more common to go on dates with your partner or friends if you are single or don't like Valentines day. There is always this massive pressure surrounding February 14th on having a big extravagant day, so what better way than to do a post and share some simple date ideas for Valentines day.

Local restaurant 
The latest film at the cinema
Netflix and a takeaway 
Go to the arcade
Picnic in a park near by
A long walk
Trip to the beach
Spa night
The zoo

Then again there is nothing better than
simply spending time together!


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