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Shopping is pretty much my favourite thing to do. Not only do I get new things at the end of it but it also relaxes me. If you enjoy shopping you will understand what I mean. Although I have this large passion for shopping, I don't get to go as often as I would like. This means that I tend to create a lot of wishlists of makeup, clothes and even home items that I would like. I have done a few wishlist posts before which you can check out my latest high street makeup wishlist here and my first high end makeup wishlist here.

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick - Kim K W
Nars sheer glow foundation 
Urban Decay ultimate naked basics palette
Kylie cosmetics lip kits
Benefit rockateur blusher
Charlotte Tilbury lipstick - Bitch perfect

Charlotte Tilbury has been a brand that I've wanted to try out since I first heard people raving about. Her products look amazing and have beautifully pigmentation from reviews I've heard and read about. When I try out a new high end brand, I like to keep it safe and go for products such as lipsticks or cheek products, as I know what colours I like and I can't be matched wrong like a foundation or concealer which can then put me of the brand. Charlotte Tilbury has 2 lipsticks that I have heard amazing things about and when I saw them in person they were just as beautiful as they were on the website. These are in the shades Kim K W and Bitch perfect and yes of course they are nudes! What better shade than a classic everyday nude.

For years now I have wanted to try out the Nars sheer glow foundation but I have never got around to trying it. I am very reluctant of high end foundations as I have been matched wrong in the store before and when I go home the foundation was yellow. I would much rather spend a little amount so my money doesn't go to waste if I don't like it. However this is still on my wishlist because I have heard so many people talk about how good the formula, coverage and lasting power is that I still want to risk it and give it a go for myself.

Urban Decay have recently released a new naked basics palette which contains 12 matte shades that are both cool and warm toned, that can help you to achieve a variety of different looks. I have both the naked basics palette and I love them, so this immediately went onto my wishlist, especially after seeing the shades; instinct which is a light rose toned shade and extra bitter which is a brick red rust shade. 

Kylie Jenner has created a phenomenal cosmetic lines, and since she announced the launch of her brand in 2015 I have wanted to try out her products ever since. Not only are they a little bit more expensive as you have to pay postage and possibly customs if you live in the UK like me, but they sell out so quickly that I have never managed to get my hands on any of them. Of course I would love to try out any of her products, but I would like to try out her lip kits as that is what first started the launch of her brand and cosmetics line. 

I have tried out a few products from Benefit and I am in love with their porefessional primer, and for the longest time I have heard such good things about their boxed blushers and bronzer. I have had my eye on their boxed blush in the shade Rockateur since it first came out, and ever since it has been on my wishlist. It is a gorgeous medium-dark toned rose shade with light shimmer throughout it that would look beautiful paired with any look, but unfortunetly I am still yet to pick this up.


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