Falling in Love

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Thinking about falling in love is weird. How can you suddenly love someone who was once a stranger? How is it possible to love someone so much it hurts? Truth is, you will never truly understand it even when you are in love. Another reason it is so hard to identify and understand is because everyone's experience is different. Not only each person but each person you fall in love with. Yes could be more than one, or if you are lucky you might find that one special person at an early age and be with them for the rest of time.

I am fully aware that this is super corny and my friends (hi Lauren) are probably reading this and laughing at me. But can we just truly take a minute to appreciate how happy you get when you see that certain person and how they truly make you feel. A lot of people don't understand how you can love more than 1 person, but you can be in love with someone such as your boyfriend and love you friends and family. There is a difference between love and being in love. 

In society we are bought up to believe that you can't be in love until you are an adult, you can't fall in love when you're still a 'kid' or 'teenager'. There is no rule. Just like how there is no rule about whether you get into a relationship with that person, what happens in that relationship and how long you are together. It is between you and the other person, not between a bunch of other people too.

Super corny and super cliche but if/when this happens to you,
you will understand more than you ever know!!


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