How I Got Into Makeup and Beauty

There's nothing better than hearing other peoples personal and/or embarrassing stories. So when they have personal stories that are about makeup it's even better, especially when they're embarrassing. Unfortunately I'm not sharing an embarrassing story, mainly because I can't think of any! Instead I wanted to share my story of how I go into makeup and beauty, and maybe start a conversation from it amongst you guys in the comments by sharing your stories and experiences.

Nobody in my family has an interest in makeup or anything beauty related so I never had anybody to look up too in regards to girly stuff. So when I started high school and used to see all the older girls wearing makeup and doing their hair, I started to take an interest in it. This lead to me finding a much of youtube videos of people doing tutorials and hauls online, which is what I would spend all of my time doing.

Some of the first people I subscribed to and started watching were; Elle and Blair Fowler (Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21), Brogan Mooney (Brogantatexo), Lindsey and Meghan Hughes (Beautybaby44 and Missmeghanmakeup) and Zoe Sugg (Zoella280390). In fact I still watch these over 5 years later.

Seeing all of these women online doing their makeup inspired me to give it a go myself. I started off by using makeup from Beauty UK and Laval, which I could find in Superdrug or at small local boutiques. I then slowly started purchasing makeup from Rimmel, Revlon and Loreal. Only recently have I been purchasing high end makeup, but the majority of my makeup collection is from the high street.

So even though my family aren't into makeup, I found inspiration from people online.
Share your story of how you got into makeup and beauty in a comment below.


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