Maybelline Baby Lips

When Maybelline first released their baby lips lip balm range in the US I knew I wanted to try them out. Soon enough they arrived in the UK. Since then they have released many different collections and the desire to buy each and every single lip balm from each individual range grew bigger and bigger. As a result of this I have a quite a large collection of the lip balms. In fact way too many!!

The main reason that I wanted to do this post was because I have been collecting these lip balms since they first launched and although I hear a lot of people talk about them and how much they love them, I still don't think they get enough hype. Since I have all of them (give or take a few) I thought what better than for me to share my opinion and love for the products and the brand itself.

First of all the packaging is simple yet quirky. Each colour of the individual balm represents either the scent, colour, name of the lip balm or the name of the collection. The scents range from minty and fresh to intense and fruity. They have an excellent colour variety which ranges from clear, to light and medium toned to reds and purples. My favourite thing about these is that the colour of the lip balm itself is what pigmentation you get on your lips. A lot of the time you will buy a pink lip balm that comes of clear, these stay true to the colour that they really are. Plus the colour still remains after the lip balm and the moisture has sunk into your lips. These can be found in most stores for around £3.

Cherry me
Pink punch
Peach kiss
Intense care
Mint fresh
Melon mania
Peach punch

Berry bomb
Pink shock
Strike a rose
Oh! Orange! 
Minty sheer
Fierce and tangy

Just peachy
Too cool 
Pink me up
Coral crave

Candy kiss
Pomme d'amour

Blueberry boom
Bubblegum pop
Grapefruit zing

Mint candy
Sweet apple
Sugar cookie
Hot cocoa 

Chai tea latte 
Pumpkin spice
Vanilla cupcake


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