Goals for 2017

This photo is not mine

Every year we all compile a list of what we want to accomplish for the new year. Most of the time it includes; exercising, eating healthy and getting organised. Some of us are lucky enough to achieve this. However some of us don't. I am one of the ones who fails miserably. This I've made a list that I can actually stick to and is a combination of new years resolutions and a bucket list. Next year I want to focus more on myself and getting myself to a happy place, so my goals are defiently more personal orientated than others might be!

1. Go out more
2. Make new friends
3. Save more money
4. Appreciate the finer things
5. Go to new places
6. Educate myself more
7. Stop complaining
8. Give to others 
9. Put all my spare time into blogging
10. Start thinking about life after college

This photo is not mine

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  1. My goals are to start meal prepping, begin a gratitude/happiness journal, grow my blog and tone my body! 💖🌈☺️
    Kisses, Laura 💕