A Friend In Need

When it comes to my personal life I tend not to talk about my friends or family. I am a very open person and love sharing my experiences and advice with you but I tend not to talk about my friends or family because they most likely will not want their life shared all over the internet. Although when I recently met up with a friend, also called Leah, she told me how she was raising money to go to New York for a fashion experience with her college because she doesn't have the financial stability.

This trip to New York is for a full fashion experience and to gain more knowledge about anything and everything fashion has to offer. This trip costs £950 and she has set up a crowd funder page, where she has already raised £295. When £15 or more is donated you will be gifted a custom made illustration by Leah herself to say thank you for your kind donation. She did some custom illustrations for me to share with you guys and my favourite is a sketch inspired by a photo of me.

If you would like to donate to a cause for a college student to get more educated on her fashion knowledge then head over to her crowd funder page, where she also shares more information on her background, the trip to New York and what she is aiming for. The page where you can donate will end at 5.50pm January 23rd. If you are interested in an affordable and custom illustration then make sure to contact Leah herself on her Instagram, sending her your details of what you would like.

Leah is working on setting up a shop where she is creating an exclusive fairy tale series.

Instagram - @LeahRice_x


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