What To Wear To A Job Interview

There are so many things to remember when you go for a job interview. Whether that be what you say,
how you talk, questions you ask, being polite and how you present yourself. For me, presenting
 yourself correctly has a huge impact on your interviewer. It shows how presentable you can be. 

You don't want to turn up with wear trainers, tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. By this I don't 
mean that you have to wear a blazer, kitten heels and a pencil skirt, you can still show your 
personality and individuality through your outfit. Choosing your outfit can be hard depending on 
where the specific job is for. If you are interviewing at an office then dressing more 
sophisticated, but if you were interviewing for retail wearing something from that shop will
show that you are interested in their shop and their specific clothing brand. Not only is it 
what you wear that could effect the possibility of you getting the job, but it is how you wear 
and style it. You want to wear it best for your shape without being too revealing.

I recently went for a job interview at a retail store, and I wore black skinny jeans, a simple
but classic shirt and a pair of skater shoes as they are very versatile and effective.

Makeup and jewelry plays a big part in job interviews. If you go in with a cakey face, bright
red lipstick and eye shadow up to your eyebrows, it is most likely you wont get the job. 
However if you wear simple, minimal makeup it will give a more presentable affect.
Jewelry probably shouldn't be worn in excessive amounts, where you have bracelets all the
way up your arms and massive hoops earrings. Keeping it minimal is key!!

This is no way me to telling you what you should and shouldn't do. Keep it 
presentable and appropriate for the place where your interview is at.


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