What Not To Say To Someone With Depression

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Depression and the talk of depression is being more and more talked about now rather
than it used to be. I don't necessarily think it's more common but people are more open and
ok with talking about with their personal experiences with it. There are many things
not to say to people, not only with depression but other mental illnesses. If you know 
someone who is suffering and dealing with depression and you want to help but don't
know what is the right thing to say, then I put together 5 things you of what not to say.
These have all been said to me and these are my own experiences and opinions.

What have you got to be depressed about?
A lot of thing that people don't understand is that you don't necessarily have to have
a reason or experience a traumatic moment to be depressed. You can have the picture
perfect life and have everything you want yet you can still be depressed.

You don't look depressed
Depression and other mental illnesses can be some of the worst yet as you can't
physical see them then people think you are fine. It's not always the case. A lot of 
people tend to put on a fake face and smile in order for them to look ok.

Someone else has it much worse than you
Yes there are many people out there who are in much worse situations that you
but saying that is like saying that you can't be happy because someone else
has more to something to be happier about. 

Get over it and be happy
We all deal with depression in different ways. Some people can give themselves a
talk in order to feel better. But some people need medication or help from friends
and families, and some people live with depression for their whole life.

It's hormones, you're not depressed
When I was in high school all the teachers used to say this to me and it used to
make me feel worse about myself. Hormones can be a horrible things and can make
you feel horrible but nobody else is going through what you are and you know
you're mind and how you feel. Don't tell others how they should feel.


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