MAC Lipstick Collection

For the longest time I have wanted to do a MAC lipstick collection post
but I never felt like I had enough lipsticks to warren doing one. I still don't have
as many as I would of liked to be able to do this post but I do have 8 and
I think that is a reasonable amount to do one. So here I am..doing it!

My first lipstick that I got from MAC was a creme sheen formula in Creme Cup.
This is still one of my favourite lipsticks and I love wearing this over the
top of other lipsticks to add some definition. I love the formula of this as it
is super moisturising and doesn't feel drying at all on your lips.

At the same time that I got the last lipstick I also picked up Hue which is a 
glaze finish. The shade is a muted pink shade that is great to wear everyday.
As it is a glaze finish it is still creamy and moistursing but it has a glossy look.

I finally managed to get my hand on the famous Kylie Jenner lipstick in
the shade Velvet Teddy which is a matte formula. This is probably my most
worn lipstick as it is a brown toned nude which goes with every look. 
As it is a matte formula it lasts a lot longer that other formulas of lipstick.
I have also done a review on this which you can read here.

The next lipstick that I purchased was a satin finish in the shade Twig. I
purchased this from the airport when I went on holiday last summer so I 
got a discount on it. I really like the shade of this lipstick as it is darker than
Velvet Teddy but isn't too dark that it's unwearable. I have also done
a more in depth review on this lipstick which you can read here.

For some reason I purchased this lipstick from Simply Be which meant that it 
was £10 dearer than the usually £15.50 retail price. This lipstick is in the
shade Mocha and is a Satin finish. I was a bit shocked when I received
this in the post as it has brick red undertone to it, however it is still a gorgeous
shade and as it is a satin finish it means that it is matte but still has a sheen to it.

When I heard that Caitlyn Jenner was coming out with a lipstick I knew I had
to get it. This a cremesheen formula and it is named Finally Free. This
is a pink mauve shade and is great to wear on an everyday basis but is also
good for a night out. You can check out a full review I did here.

When I went to London last week I stopped by the MAC store and picked
up one of the lipsticks that have been on my wish list for quite a while. This
is called Please Me and is a matte formula. This is a beautiful medium
toned everyday pink. It is super long lasting and suits every makeup look.

My last MAC lipstick I also purchased when I was in London as it was on
my wish list too. This is called Kinda Sexy and is also a matte formula.
This is a pinky rose shade and looks beautiful on the fairer complexion.


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