How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

For some reason I thought that I had already showed you how I edit my Instagram pictures but when I looked through it turns out I haven't. I thought it was about time as Instagram just keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you don't already make sure you follow me @leamaicarter (shameless plug!!). I take pride in my Instagram theme which results in quite a few steps, so lets get straight to it!

Step 1
The first thing I do is to make sure then when I take the picture I already have a good setup and good lighting because if you take a photo at night with your lamp on it's most likely going to be quite yellow which throws the whole photo off, so make sure you have good lighting (natural is always best). I will also take a lot of photos to make sure that the final one I chose is perfect.

Step 2
I actually head over to Instagram first for my edits. I start of by increasing the brightness and contrast to around 20. Then I will decrease the temperature as I prefer a more cool toned picture rather than a warm toned photo. Next I will increase the saturation to around 10-15 as I don't want it to look too over saturated. After that I will usually increase the highlights and decrease the shadows as I find it adds some more definition. The next and final step I do on Instagram is sharpen it up, to make sure that it is more clear and detailed.

Step 3
The next thing I will do is head over to PS Express and use the reduce noise filter which helps you to perfect the photo and make it look smoother. I will also use the defog tool which I'm not actually sure what this does but it does make the whole photo look a lot better. I actually heard about this app and these filters from my friend Lauren, so thank you Lauren if you are reading this, you've made my Instagram look better!

Step 4
The final step that I do is head over to VSCO Cam. I mainly do this because it is the same layout as Instagram so you can see how you overall theme, profile and photo looks all together before you upload it. Sometimes I will mess around the filters and if I do I mainly use the brightness and contrast tool again.

So that is how I edit my Instagram photos. It's nothing special but I love reading and watching these because I am very much a visual person so I thought why not do the same.


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