Beauty Things I Really Suck At

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Throwing it back about 2 years ago for today's post. I can't believe I am only just doing this post 
because although I talk a lot about makeup and beauty there are still things I really am not
 good at. Even professional makeup artists aren't good at everything. We all like think that
 our eyeliner is the best but it's time to admit defeat.

I don't wear eyeliner for many different reasons. One being that I don't think it suits me and
my eye shape, but the other being that I just can't do it. I've tried a few eyeliners both
pencil, liquid and felt tip and I still can't do it. I think it's because I am the typical person 
who once their eyeliner goes wrong I still carry on until I've painted my entire face! I also
like to have quite thin liner and I just haven't found something for that! 

I like to think that I am good at lining my lips but I'm really not as good as I think. Don't get
me wrong I can do it, but it just ends up looking awful! I think the problem I have is that
I don't have much pigment on my top lip liner so when I try to use lip liner it just goes
awful because there's not my pigment for me to follow. Plus it's hard as well because 
you've got make them look even and straight and that's just way to hard for me!

How on earth to people manage to fake tan. Not only does it take me ages to do so but
I can't even do my legs by myself never mind my entire body. I love looking tan 
but when I do it myself it comes out streaky and I've completely missed parts out,
and I end up with the dreaded extremely orange knees and ankles!

I have way too many eye shadows for one person, but I don't really use it on a daily
basis. Mainly because I do get carried away and end up applying every single
colour I own onto my lids, but also because I feel like it never comes out looking
good enough. If I use more than 3 shadows it just looks awful. I think that's a me
thing which is really quite annoying picturing the amount of shadows I own.

Washing makeup brushes is something that we all put of doing right? I always write in 
my diary that I have to wash my makeup brushes but I never end up doing it. This
is probably because I own a ridicolous amount of brushes and don't own a spot brush 
cleaner where I can give them a small clean after I use them which would be a massive 
help and save me a lot of time when I actually decide that it's time to give them a wash!

Share some of the beauty things you suck at down below in the comments
to show that we're not all alone!


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