Top 5 TV Shows

These photos within this collage are not my own

If I'm not on youtube or writing/reading blog posts I am most likely watching
a TV show. It is impossible and quite unrealistic for me to mention
all of them that I watch and love so instead I'm going to talk about my
top 5. These are not in order as it will be way to hard to choose my ultimate
favourite out of all of these due to how much I love them all!

How I Met Your Mother - For some reason How I met your mother reminds me of friends. There is a group of 5 people who are well friends and one of them is telling his children of how he met their mother which takes place in New York over the course of 9 seasons. It doesn't sound that interesting but it is one of my favourite shows to sit down and watch and I actually love to watch this at night as it's not a show that is super intense and dramatic so it is really easy to sit down and watch.

Pretty Little Liars - If you haven't heard of Pretty Little Liars then you have probably been living under a rock! I am beyond obsessed with this show as it is nothing like I have watched before. This is a story of 5 girls and 1 of them goes missing. They being getting texts and threats from an anonymous person who threatens to reveal they're secrets if they don't do what he/she says. It is currently on season 6 where they jump 5 years forward to see how their lives are now. If you want to watch but don't want to binge watch the first 6 seasons then you can start from the 5 year jump as it has a new story line where you don't have to know the back story.

Supergirl - I love watching this show however it is a lot different than the shows I usually watch. This is the story of a girl whom's cousin is Superman. She keeps her identity a secret until a sudden event makes her reveal her true identity. Since then she has battled numerous events whilst being a personal assistant for a big time company and keeping her identity a secret. I love this mainly because it is so different to all the other shows that I watch but it is really interesting at the same time.

Jane the Virgin - After hearing so much about this show as it already launched in America I decided to watch it to see if I would like it and I was surprised to how much I do. This is about a girl called Jane who gets accidentally artificially inseminated and although you'd think it would be a simple easy going show, it has got quite a lot of drama. It's hard to put into words what actually happen in the show but I would definetly recommend watching this if you like simple going shows that have a bit of drama and are super gripping! 

Gossip Girl - Being the super girly girl that I am gossip girl hits the nail right on the head! This follows a group of rich socialites who live on the Upper East Side in New York. Although it is super girly there are quite a lot of dramatic events and arguments take place. I love watching this because they live the lifestyle that I secretly want, well minus the totally unrealistic dramas that happen!



  1. Can you believe I've never watched any of these, I don't know what I've been doing with my life hahah!! X

    1. OMG!! Out of all of them you should definetly watch Pretty Little Liars, it is the best!! xx