Battle of MAC Lipsticks

MAC lipstick are some of my favourites. I avoided buying them for so long because I thought 
they were so expensive, but when I went shopping last year I decided to treat myself and
ended up not only buying one but purchasing too! Since then I have been hooked, but 
I am slowly growing my collection. I thought that I would compare them against each
other and see which ones I prefer and which I would recommend to others.

Hue - This was the first lipstick that I decided to get. The reason for this was because I didn't know if I would like MAC lipsticks or not, so I decided to play it safe and get a nude colour so that if I did like it I would have a shade that I could use all the time rather than a bright red or vampy colour. Hue is a glaze finish which means that it is the more sheer finish compared to others. They also give a glossy shine to the lips and feel more like a balm than a lipstick.

Creme Cup - I got this lipstick the same time I got Hue and if I am honest and I could go back I would chose another colour, not because I don't like this shade (I actually prefer this to Hue), but because of how similar this is to Hue, expect this is more pink rather than more orange toned. This is a cremesheen finish which means that it is super creamy and has quite high pigmentation. This is actually my favourite formula of lipsticks as they are extremely moisturising and don't irritate your lips like some matte lipsticks might.

Velvet Teddy - I decided to pick this lipstick up after everyone was talking about it as Kylie Jenner uses it. This took me so long to get hold of for that reason but as soon as I saw it was finally available on the MAC website I grabbed it immediately. This was quite a bit darker than the first 2 that I had so when it arrived I thought I would never use it, however it is probably my most worn MAC lipstick. This is a matte formula which means it has no shine to it, yet has a great colour pay off. Some might say that this is quite drying on the lips however I think that for a matte it is quite moisturising compared to others.

Twig - When I went on holiday in June I knew months before that I wanted to treat myself to another MAC lipsticks as they were many that I wanted and it was slightly cheaper in duty free. I initially wanted to get pure zen as it looked beautiful on the website and on other people, but when I got there and saw it in person I realised it wasn't the right colour for me. I decided to pick up twig instead which is slightly darker and has more of an orange undertone compared to velvet teddy. This is a satin finish which means it is in between a matte and a cremesheen as it is not fully matte but it's not got a full sheen and gloss to it.

Mocha - This is the only MAC lipstick that I have not purchased from MAC themselves. I actually ordered this from simply be which meant it was an extra £10 but it worked out easier to get it from there at the time due to other things. Again this is quite similar to velvet teddy and twig but I would describe this being more of a brick shade, as it is a brown but it has quite a red undertone when compared to the other 2 lipsticks. This is also a satin finish like twig.

Overall I would 100% recommend MAC lipsticks to anyone who is wanting to or hasn't yet tried them. My favourite finish is the cremesheen as it is super moisturising or the matte finish as it is super long lasting. These retail for £15.50 and can be found in store, on the MAC website or online on other stores.


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